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Remembering Ohio’s 1950 Blizzard Reminds Workers to Be Careful

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2010 | Workers' Compensation

Ohio residents remember the incredible storm that blew through the state the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1950. The storm began late Thanksgiving evening and grew over night while families slept warm in their beds with full bellies from the hearty meals consumed that evening. Temperatures dropped near zero and combined with 40 mile per hour winds to create some of the snowiest, iciest road conditions imaginable. Plows could not keep up with the 25 inches of snow that fell on the residential towns. Even though all public transportation had been cancelled, one man remembers trudging through the dangerous conditions to get to work at a time when every penny earned during every hour of employment mattered.

During the economic recession today, workers are once again feeling the holiday financial crunch, the need to be at their jobs despite any negative weather that could occur. As workers remember the blizzard that occurred nearly 60 years ago, they should be reminded of the need to exercise safety at jobs that require roadside travel. Icy roads can cause an employee to be injured in a workplace accident.

As the snowy season comes upon us, so do incidents of slip and fall accidents that occur when a mailman slips on an icy walkway, or a delivery truck skids across black ice hidden on the road.

If the record breaking storm that occurred on the busiest day of the shopping year could not prevent workers from risking injury, a smaller storm during the busiest delivery season will likely have a similar effect on the need to continue working, but worker safety should be a priority during the snowy holiday season.

Source: Ohio.com “1950’s Black Friday quickly turns white” Mark J. Price 11/22/10