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What are some of the dangers of nursing?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

If you work as a nurse you will see and treat a lot of people who are injured or ill every day. If you become one of those people, then you won’t be able to do that. Therefore, understanding the dangers of your job and remaining alert to them is crucial.

 Here are some factors to consider:

A lack of sleep or rest

While a lack of rest is not injurious per se, it can make you much more susceptible to other dangers. It’s hard to stay alert to hazards if you have not slept for two days straight because you’ve been covering staff shortages.

People who are upset or cannot control themselves

A patient who enters your hospital high on drugs or alcohol may not be in full control of their mind or reflexes. They may lash out, perhaps with much more force than when they are sober. Agitated family, friends or rivals who visit can also pose a threat to the nursing staff.

The tools of the trade

Syringes, scalpels and strong drugs are all part of the arsenal medical staff need to help their patients. Yet each carries its own risk. If someone knocks a syringe you take out of them it could end up in your body, along with any infectious disease it has been contaminated with. Someone dropping a scalpel on your foot could do similar harm. Reaching for paracetamol and accidentally picking up a drug intended for a patient could also have nasty consequences.

The physical and emotional strain

Nursing is tough. Not only do you have to move patients who may be much heavier than you, which could lead to back injuries, but constantly seeing people suffer or die can take a massive toll on your mind and general well-being.

 If you are unable to work due to work-related illness or injury then learning more about claiming workers’ compensation is wise.