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2 reasons an SSDI benefits appeal is worth the work

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Social Security Disability

A rejection notice can be devastating for someone in need of disability benefits. It means no immediate relief and likely many more months of waiting before they receive any financial support.

Those who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are often completely unable to work and already struggling financially when they submit the paperwork. Finding out that they don’t qualify or that there was some sort of mistake can feel like a monumental setback.

Some applicants just give up their claims, while others decide to apply again later. However, a significant percentage of those denied benefits try to move forward with their Claim by appealing the initial decision. Why is it beneficial for people to appeal an SSDI decision instead of just reapplying?

1. Many applicants have successful appeals

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides data about the outcome of applications for benefits. The trends for SSDI benefits show the benefit of appealing an unfavorable decision. Only an average of 21% of people get benefits when they first apply.

However, another 10% of applicants will secure benefits during the appeals process. In other words, almost half as many applicants get benefits during the appeals process as during the initial application stage. Roughly a third of all SSDI beneficiaries get their benefits through an appeal.

2. Appeals lead to backdated benefits

Maybe you recognize that you made a mistake on the paperwork or simply didn’t send enough medical information to the SSA when you applied. It may seem like a faster solution to just submit a new application.

However, applying again will potentially mean you receive fewer benefits than you otherwise might obtain. Those who appeal successfully can get backdated benefits when they secure the approval of their claim. That could mean months or even more than a year’s worth of benefits paid out relatively quickly. When you reapply, the initial date when benefits me start accruing changes.

For many applicants, appealing is absolutely worth the effort. Of course, if someone made mistakes in their application, they may be at a disadvantage if they try to handle the appeals process on their own. Learning more about the SSDI benefits program can help you properly respond to an unfavorable initial determination.