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3 hazards that can make retail work quite dangerous

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

When people talk about job hazards, one of the biggest industries and most common professions often gets left out of the conversation. People talk about the risks of offshore oil professionals and forestry workers, both of which are groups with elevated job fatality rates.

However, an industry that employs a massive number of people in the United States also sees a significant number of worker injury claims annually. Retail work certainly does not command pay that honestly reflects the level of risk involved. Retail workers can easily get hurt on the job and then find themselves unable to return to work until they heal. Thankfully, these workers can secure workers’ compensation benefits, just like those in other professions.

What are some of the biggest risks for retail workers?

Stocking and warehouse incidents

Lifting items high on the shelves or walking in close proximity to forklifts can both lead to someone getting hurt at work. Whether items tumble down off a shelf and hit someone in the head or they throw out their back trying to lift something heavy, the act of getting items onto the floor for customers to purchase is frequently to blame for someone’s work injuries.

Violence in the workplace

Sometimes, those working in a fast-paced retail environment will have volatile relationships with their co-workers. Someone with poor emotional regulation could resort to physical violence during a disagreement with coworkers.

Physical violence often comes from customers rather than coworkers. Individuals frustrated with the business or attempting to commit a crime might become violent toward staff workers who just happened to be present when they enter the store.

Repetitive motion injuries

Retail employees frequently perform the same job tasks for years. Whether they work a cash register or collect carts from the parking lot, they may eventually develop repetitive stress injuries that affect their ability to continue performing the same work.

Just like those in professions recognize to be higher risk, retail workers have rights if they develop medical issues related to their job functions. Both medical coverage for treatment and disability pay for someone’s leave of absence from work can help reduce the effect of job-related medical conditions for retail employees.

Learning more about Ohio workers’ compensation and job risks will help those who believe their health issues are the results of their employment.