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What insurance applies after a car wreck on the job?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers can get hurt in all sorts of situations. Whether you work at an elementary school where you can get hit in the face with a softball or at a retail facility where a pallet full of merchandise could fall on your foot and break multiple bones, you may need workers’ compensation benefits eventually.

Thankfully, almost all workers in Ohio can count on the protection of workers’ compensation. They can apply for both medical benefits and disability or indemnity benefits that help replace a portion of their lost wages. When an incident occurs in a warehouse or in an office, employees understand that workers’ compensation coverage will be the primary form of protection that applies.

However, some workers get hurt far from their employer’s main facilities. Maybe you drive a delivery vehicle, or perhaps your employer sent you to the bank to make a deposit. You are far from alone if you get hurt in a wreck while on the clock, as crashes are a major source of worker injuries and deaths in the United States. What kind of insurance will protect you after a car crash on the job?

Workers’ compensation often applies

Provided that you were fulfilling job duties and are an employee, not a contractor, workers’ compensation insurance may cover you after a car crash on the job even when you were in your own vehicle.

The most obvious benefit of workers’ compensation coverage is the full medical protection that it provides, although the indemnity benefits are also quite valuable, as health insurance does not provide that kind of coverage.

Car insurance may also apply

Provided that you were not at fault for the crash, you may have grounds for an insurance claim against the other driver’s policy. Liability coverage could pay to repair your vehicle and cover any lost wages that workers’ compensation does not replace. In extreme cases where a crash will force you to leave your work permanently or otherwise cause catastrophic financial consequences, you may even be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver.

Recognizing that you can receive workers’ compensation benefits while also claiming other forms of coverage can help you maximize the support you receive after experiencing a crash while working.