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Preventing work-related back pain

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Regardless of what job you have or what industry you work in, a significant concern for office workers to construction workers is back pain. In fact, this is one of the biggest contributors to lost work hours across the country. Back pain is also the second main reason workers go to the doctor. 

 Back pain can occur from all types of issues. It can be related to a single incident, such as falling at work, or caused by repetitive lifting, bending and even poor ergonomics in the workplace. 

However, back pain caused by on-the-job duties is preventable. 

Employers can help

Employers must realize the huge impact that improper or unsafe working conditions can have on their employees. Employers should also invest in equipment to help reduce the potential of accidents and injuries occurring that could lead to ongoing back pain. 

Proper and ongoing training is required for accident prevention

Employers need to understand employees’ risks when handling their job duties. They also need to provide training to mitigate the possibility of an injury. 

It is not enough to post signs that say, “be safe.” Instead, training should outline the safe way to handle certain tasks. It is also smart to encourage complacency with the safety suggestions by incentivizing it. These can be rewards for meeting thresholds without injuries and other similar benefits. 

Your rights after a workplace accident

You have rights if you are involved in an on-the-job accident resulting in a back injury and ongoing back pain. It is possible to receive workers’ compensation benefits for your injuries, time away from work and other losses. Knowing your legal rights in these situations is necessary to ensure you have the best chance of a full recovery.