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3 injuries to watch for after a work related collision

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

If you drive for work, you could get injured while out on the road. It could happen whether you drive the vehicle full-time or just drive the equipment van to the start of each day’s job. 

Your first thought might be, “What will my boss say when they find out I crashed the company vehicle?” Yet your first thought should be for your health, as even if you seem fine, you might not be, as some injuries are not always obvious.

Here’s what you should know:

Getting medical attention after a vehicle accident

The doctors might discover an injury you were not aware of and make a potentially life-saving intervention. They can also provide you with proof of your injuries that you will need to seek compensation.

Here are some injuries to watch out for:

  • Neck damage: The impact of a crash can cause your head to fly forward or backward with such force that it damages the neck vertebrae that support it. People often refer to this as whiplash. 
  • Internal bleeding: One of the functions of airbags is to reduce the chance drivers get chest injuries because they hit the steering wheel. Yet they can still occur, and internal bleeding could kill if not caught quickly.
  • Bone damage: You don’t always hear a snap when you break a bone. People can sometimes still walk on a broken leg or foot. Yet continuing to use a damaged limb unaware could make the bone recovery take much longer.

Once you have a full medical assessment, you may consider seeking legal help to pursue worker’s compensation.