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Sanitation workers deserve safe working conditions

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Sanitation workers have the labor-intensive task of taking care of trash and waste. They’re exposed to many hazardous substances, including human waste. Keeping these individuals safe while they do their job duties is critical. 

There are several points to consider when trying to ensure that sanitation workers remain safe. These work to protect them from physical dangers, as well as biological hazards. 

Proper equipment is necessary

All sanitation workers need to have the proper equipment, including brightly colored vests for when they aren’t in their vehicles. Some may wear gloves if they’re working directly with trash. Workers who have to lift heavy objects, such as those who manually dump trash cans, should use a back brace to protect them from strains while they’re working.

Workers also need to be able to clean their hands to remove hazardous substances from them. This can be accomplished by carrying water and liquid soap on the truck. Some workers might also need to have hand sanitizer. Additionally, all workers should wash their hands before they eat and when they’re done working. 

Safety protocols are critical

Safety protocols for these workers, such as wearing proper clothing to do the job and avoiding distractions like cellphones, can help to save lives. Instead of just writing these out in a packet for the newly hired, employers should train employees and have periodic refreshers about the protocols that must be followed. 

Any sanitation worker who’s suffered an injury or has become ill because of their work-related duties should get immediate medical care. Workers’ compensation coverage includes medical benefits related to work injuries, partial wage replacement and more. If your workers’ comp claim isn’t going as expected, experienced legal guidance can help.