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Why quick medical treatment is crucial to a workers’ comp claim

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

After suffering a workplace accident that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. They cover medical expenses and a portion of your missed wages for the period you are out of work.

However, questions may arise about the nature and extent of your injuries. How long before you medically improve and get back to work? Were your injuries preexisting? Were you intoxicated at the time of the accident? There is only one way to address such issues: medical evidence.

A medical report will shed more light on your condition

Medical evidence can show the severity of your injuries and how they affect your ability to work. It can also prove that you were sober at the time of the accident, rule out the possibility of a preexisting injury and tie your injuries to your job. Such proof is crucial to your claim, which explains the importance of seeking medical attention right away after a workplace accident.

Remember, the doctor’s report will be relied upon when deciding whether your case can be approved. Therefore, you should be as detailed as possible when providing information to your doctor about the accident.

Protecting your workers’ compensation claim

Alongside other useful evidence, medical records can go a long way in increasing your chances of a positive outcome. However, the choice of doctor is equally important. In Ohio, your treating doctor must be certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Otherwise, you may be liable for the medical costs incurred during treatment. 

Learning more about the dos and don’ts after suffering a workplace accident can help you navigate the claims process smoothly and help you safeguard your rights. Equally, knowing what to do after a denied claim is also advisable, just in case things don’t work out initially.