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What are the most dangerous jobs in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

There is no job that is completely safe and without personal risk. Office workers could electrocute themselves plugging in a copy machine, and retail workers could suffer an assault when a customer can’t complete a return the way they hoped.

However, there are unquestionably some jobs that come up with far more risk for injury than others. In Ohio, there are many blue-collar workers who pursue careers in some of the most dangerous professions in the current economy. What are the jobs that come with the highest degree of risk for an injury at work?

Blue-collar industries remain the most dangerous

In Ohio, several industries stand out when looking at 2020 statistics. There were 117 worker deaths that year. There were 17 workplace fatalities in Ohio involving transportation and warehouse workers, 14 fatalities in the manufacturing industry and 22 deaths involving construction workers. Service industries reported 17 deaths, and 13 worker died in agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting professions.

Injury statistics are a bit less clear, as people can develop workplace-related medical issues or experience unusual emergency circumstances at just about any place of employment. Offices and many other workplaces not associated with deadly risk see many worker injuries each year. Many times more workers will get hurt on the job than will die because of their employment. Some will also slowly develop cumulative trauma or exposure-related medical issues.

There is significant overlap between the industries that have the highest fatality rates and the industries with the highest number of workers injured each year. Other professions with high injury risks include medical professions and even retail work.

Workers and their family members can qualify for benefits

The Ohio workers’ compensation program offers medical benefits and disability pay for those who get hurt on the job. There are also death benefits available for surviving family members if there is a workplace fatality that leads to a claim. Family members can expect workers’ compensation to pay for medical costs incurred before death and some funeral costs in addition to helping replace the wages the family will never receive.

Understanding job risks and how Ohio workers’ compensation protects workers can help professionals in dangerous industries and their family members feel more comfortable with their situation.