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Employee injury hazards plague the Ohio metal industry

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

The steel (metal) industry in Ohio provides a steady, reliable income to many of the state’s workers. However, it also puts employees at risk of suffering from workplace injuries.

The work is hot and dangerous, and it usually involves hazardous equipment and activities. Workplace injuries in the steel sector are often severe, leading to missed work and a range of physical conditions.

What are some of the injury risks for steel workers?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to list every hazard associated with metalwork as there are many. To help you form a picture of the possible risks, below are seven of the most common safety violations cited by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

  1. Lack of respiratory protection
  2. Poor lockout/tagout procedures (to ensure equipment handling safety)
  3. Lack of employee personal protective equipment
  4. Insufficient protection from industry noise
  5. Lack of protection from floor and wall openings or holes
  6. Improper wiring and electrical safety measures
  7. Poor or insufficient machinery safety guards

Depending on the type of work you perform in the metal industry, you may also be exposed to these injury risks.

  • Molten metal splashes and eruptions
  • Exposure to combustible metallic dust
  • Falls from high elevations
  • Exposure to carbon monoxide, heavy metals and silica dust

As you can see, attention to safety is paramount when working with metals such as steel and iron. If a workplace injury occurs, leaving you unable to work on a short- or long-term basis, you need all the financial resources at your disposal.

A successful workers’ compensation claim can ensure you receive medical care for your injuries and return to your job as quickly as possible. If your injuries result in a permanent disability, seeking guidance helps you learn about your compensation options.