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3 construction industry risks that lead to workers’ comp claims

Building, tearing down, or remodeling a structure can be dangerous work. Most people recognize the danger inherent in this line of work and will quickly agree that construction is one of the riskiest professions.

However, people don’t always understand what causes these workplace risks. It is surprisingly common for people to reference falls and only falls as why construction is so dangerous. Yes, falls have been and remain one of the leading causes of injury and death in the construction industry. People working at an elevation of even two or three stories can easily get hurt, to say nothing of those working on much taller edifices.

Still, there are three other major risks that leave workers hurt or leave family members grieving a workplace fatality. What are the other big risks in construction other than falls?

Struck-by incidents

There are many moving parts on a construction site, and if any of them make contact with a worker, the results can be tragic. The materials and equipment used for construction projects can be quite dangerous. Someone working on scaffolding outside of a building could suffer a severe injury when someone overhead drops a hammer or a crane drops a load of building supplies.

Caught-between incidents

A worker in a trench could suffer fatal injuries because of loose earth causing a landslide. If someone gets trapped between a vehicle or wall or pulled into a piece of machinery, those incidents are also caught-between scenarios. The traumatic injuries that occur in caught-between incidents often prove fatal. 


Installing electrical lines is an obvious risk in the construction industry. Electricians have plenty of training about how to avoid hurting themselves or others on the job. Sadly, electricians aren’t the only ones at risk of an electrical injury. Temporary electrical supply on a construction site can be as dangerous as the installation of wiring. Power cords and generators can hurt workers as easily as new wiring can.

When workers know the biggest risks at their job, they can better advocate for proper safety gear and a safer job site. Taking action after a construction injury might involve a workers’ compensation claim or even a civil lawsuit in certain situations.