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How workers’ compensation helps family members after a death

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Most workers’ compensation claims involve injuries and medical treatment. Some of them require disability benefits for the injured worker. In a small number of cases, a workplace illness or injury proves fatal.

Death because of a work-acquired medical condition doesn’t just affect the worker who loses their life. It also affects their entire family. Ohio protects surviving family members by providing death benefits through workers’ compensation. Typically, a death claim must be filed within one year. Once that’s done, what can surviving family members receive?

The remaining benefits accrued by a worker

Sometimes, workers die after an extended illness or hospitalization due to an injury. If they already had a negotiated benefit settlement, their dependent family members could potentially receive the remainder of those benefits.

Weekly payments like disability benefits

Workers unable to stay on the job because of an injury or illness can receive a portion of their wages in disability benefits. If a worker dies because of their job responsibilities, their dependent family members can receive regular death benefits in an amount comparable to what the worker would have received for disability benefits.

Funeral benefits

Losing a loved one generates a massive expense for your household all at once. Not only may there be medical expenses, which workers’ compensation will likely pay, but there are also funeral costs to consider. Workers’ compensation in Ohio will pay for up to $7,500 in funeral or burial benefits for those who lose a loved one to a workplace injury or illness.

Learning about the benefits available when a loved one dies on the job can help your family get the benefits to which you’re entitled after a tragic loss.