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Can you claim workers’ compensation for occupational diseases?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

While one-off workplace accidents may grab the headlines, occupational diseases can be even more debilitating. They may be harder or even impossible to recover from and could stop you from working for the rest of your life.

You probably know that you can claim workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured in a workplace accident. You might not know you could claim it if you get ill at work, too.

Does Ohio workers’ compensation cover all diseases?

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) has a list of diseases that qualify for workers’ compensation. However, that does not mean it automatically rules out all other conditions, and you may still be able to claim if you can show:

  • You have the disease: You will need medical evidence to back this up.
  • The illness is work-related: This can be a particular challenge as you can pick up many illnesses in everyday life.
  • You were significantly more likely to get the disease due to the nature of your job: What is it that makes your job riskier for this condition than other jobs? For example, is the level of exposure to noise, vibration, dust or toxic substances unusually high?

An occupational disease that leaves you unable to work could put you in significant financial difficulties. Presenting the claim correctly is challenging, so it is best to get help to raise the chances that your claim is approved as quickly as possible. If you do not provide evidence that satisfies the BWC’s requirements, they will delay or deny your workers’ compensation claim, which will exacerbate your money problems and may prevent you from getting the medical treatment you need.