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What are the main workers’ compensation laws in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

The state of Ohio set up several workers’ compensation laws to make sure that both employees and employers would have protections if an employee was injured on the job.

The three main workers’ compensation laws in Ohio ensure that employees receive compensation for disabilities that they suffer as a result of their work. Here is more on those and how they may impact your claim.

Important workers’ compensation laws in Ohio

To start with, the first workers’ compensation law makes it so that those who are injured may seek temporary total disability compensation when they cannot return to their job temporarily. The law also forces employers to hold the position for the worker (in most cases).

The second law makes sure that workers can access compensation for partial disabilities that are a direct result of disabilities. The compensation for this is calculated based on a percentage that considers the extent of the person’s disability.

Finally, the last law makes it possible for workers to get permanent total disability benefits until they pass away.

These laws specifically make sure that workers can keep their jobs while receiving treatment or receive fair compensation if they cannot return to work. On top of these protections, workers also receive:

  • Paid medical care
  • Vocational training (when needed)
  • Support in the workplace (reasonable accommodations)

It’s important for you to understand your rights as someone who has been injured while working. Why? If you understand the laws and how they apply to your case, you’ll be better able to protect yourself and your interests.

Remember, you only have one year from the time of an injury to make a claim with workers’ compensation. It’s a better idea to make that claim as soon as possible. If you are hurt or develop and injury that is related to your work, then you deserve an opportunity to make a claim and to get compensated. If you do eventually have the ability to return to work or to return to work with vocational training, those options should be available to you, too. The benefits system is there to help, so don’t be afraid to file a claim.