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Scaffold builders face risks working here in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Construction Accidents

When you see new construction taking place in and around Columbus, a common sight is the network of scaffolding that allows workers to climb up and down the levels of the structure being built. These necessary workers have very important jobs in the building industry here in central Ohio.

However, they also face extraordinary risks that those who labor at ground level often avoid. To better understand the inherent dangers of the scaffolding trade, read on to learn more.

Proper safety procedures begin on the ground

Scaffolding dangers can be greatly lessened with the proper training of employees. No employer should assume a new hire is familiar with the safety precautions required on the job. All training should take place before a worker is ever cleared to work above ground.

Scaffolds should be equipped with fall-protection devices

There is nothing that can guarantee a worker cannot slip and fall off of a scaffold and get injured or killed. However, under the terms of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), fall protections must be in place on all scaffolding that is 10’ off the ground. These protections include:

  • Safety straps
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Guard rails

Having these protections in place can save workers’ lives and limbs.

Secure planking on scaffolds is also a must

Worn planking can easily become unstable and unable to bear the weight of the workers it’s there to support. Using only quality materials for planking and assuring it is the right size for the scaffolding can make the job site safer.

Did you suffer injuries in a scaffolding accident?

Scaffold workers who fall from height or experience other accidents while working on scaffolds can suffer serious, even catastrophic injuries or death. Accessing workers’ compensation benefits can bring you the medical and financial assistance you need to help you through this troubling time.