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Can you get workers’ comp if you get hurt working from home?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Remote work or telecommuting has been a possibility in many industries for years, but it finally gained mainstream acceptance out of necessity during 2020. Workers employed by companies that had previously been resistant to accommodating pregnant or disabled workers with remote positions were suddenly offered the option of working from home indefinitely.

Even though workspaces have begun to transition back to in-person attendance, many people may continue to work remotely or possibly enjoy a hybrid work model in the future, where they go in for meetings but work other days from home.

There are many complications to telecommuting that people may not consider until they experience them directly. For example, working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get hurt on the job. Can you get workers’ compensation benefits if you telecommute?

When the injury was a result of your work functions, you may have a claim

When someone gets hurt at their place of employment, their claim for workers’ compensation benefits is relatively straightforward. They have a claim for any injuries that occur on the clock or while on work premises, even if they have already finished their shift or haven’t even started it yet.

When you work from home, that doesn’t mean that workers’ compensation will cover you for any injuries sustained while in your house. What it will cover you from would be any injuries that occur in the line of duty or as a result of your job functions.

If you develop worsening carpal tunnel from constantly typing all day, that could lead to a successful benefits claim. The same is true of an injury suffered if you fall out of your chair while reaching for a fax that you just printed and hit your head on your desk.

Proper communication with your employer and doctor are crucial

To get workers’ compensation benefits, you will need to seek medical evaluation and alert the professionals involved that your injury is the result of your job. You will also need to advise your manager or human resources representative about your injury as soon as possible so that they can make a report internally.

Knowing your rights when you get hurt while working remotely is the first step toward getting the benefits you deserve.