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Protecting your spine means preventing workplace falls

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Spinal Cord Injury

Many types of accidents can lead to injuries in the workplace. For individuals in just about every industry, one of the risks they face is falls, which can lead to spinal cord injuries. Approximately 31% of spinal cord injuries are caused by falls. 

Spinal cord injuries can produce life-altering changes. Some victims of spinal-cord injuries may suffer chronic pain for the rest of their lives, while others may be unable to continue working. Some may not even be able to take care of their own basic needs or function without assistance.

How can you prevent falls at work?

It’s best to always use a step stool if you have to reach something on an upper shelf. Never use a chair to stand on because there’s a chance it could tip or be unstable. You should also use handrails when they’re available so you have something to hold onto if you start to fall. 

The floors should be maintained at all workplaces. This means that they need to be kept clean, in good repair and free of items that could cause someone to slip, trip or fall.

Workers who have to do their job duties from heights above the floor level should use proper fall-arrest devices when required. It’s up to the employer to ensure that the workers have what they need to do their job duties without falling. 

If you suffered a spinal cord injury in a fall at work, workers’ compensation benefits can cover your related medical expenses, as well as other financial costs like missed wages. It’s always wise, however, to be prepared for a fight. Your benefits may be denied for any number of reasons. If that happens, don’t hesitate to seek experienced guidance and assistance with your claim.