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Electricity can lead to workplace injury

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Workplace Injuries

For construction workers, electricity is among the top four causes of workplace accidents. Yet, you do not have to be on a construction site to be at risk from an electrical accident. Almost every Ohio workplace has electricity cables running through its site. You could be sitting in your office chair and suffer an accident due to someone else’s carelessness.

There are three ways that electricity can injure you:

  • It can give you a shock: Paramedics use electric shocks to jump-start hearts after a cardiac arrest. An accidental shock on a beating heart could have the opposite effect and cause it to stop or alter its natural rhythm with lasting damage.
  • It can burn you: Electricity can damage the skin and internal organs. Electrical burns can be very difficult to treat.
  • It could cause you to fall from height: Falls are another one of the top four causes of construction accidents. An electrical shock to someone working at height could lead to a deadly fall.

Your employer should provide training to make all employees aware of the risks of electricity. It should be tailored to your industry and the places you work. As an employee, you need to be able to identify and avoid the primary dangers you face and know what to do if an accident does occur. Remember, trying to save a colleague without adequate precaution could lead to electricity traveling into your body, as well.

If you are injured at work in Ohio by electricity, you may be entitled to claim workers’ compensation insurance for your injuries. Seek help to ensure your claim is completed correctly and submitted on time in order to minimize the possibility of an unfair denial.