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Can you cure a mental illness?

When you get diagnosed with many physical issues, from disease to an injury, you know that there is a cure. It may take time. It may be expensive. You may have some lingering issues. But there are often things that doctors can do to cure you and get your life back on track.

With mental illness, though, the same is not always true. The doctor can make a diagnosis and tell you what options you have, but they may not be able to guarantee that you’ll reach a point where you feel cured. This may be something that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Instead, medical professionals have different goals. These are still very positive and can give you an incredible quality of life. But the emphasis is going to be on using treatment options and medication to manage the symptoms that you have. This can reduce their severity. You’ll still have the disorder, but it may not feel the same as it did at the beginning.

Why is it important to differentiate between the two? You need to know that you may have to use the treatment/medication for life. Many people get started, feel much better, and decide that they don’t need it anymore because they’re cured. That feels logical at the time, but discontinuing treatment can make things far worse. By closely working with the doctor and sticking to the plan, you can get the best results.

In some cases, a mental illness that cannot be cured may qualify as a disability, and it’s important to know what legal options you have. If you feel like it’s time to file for Social Security Disability benefits, find out what an attorney can do to help you.