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Which Ohio employers have workers’ compensation coverage?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Workers often don’t envision getting hurt on the job. Some professions are more dangerous than others, though. Many employees don’t realize that state law mandates that employers carry workers’ compensation coverage that they can use to pay for their medical bills and cover lost wages if they get hurt on the job. Most every employer in Ohio is required to purchase such insurance coverage.

Ohio law requires all employers with at least one employee on staff to carry workers’ compensation insurance. There are some exceptions to this rule, though. Any company that employs domestic workers, including landscapers, babysitters or housekeepers who make under $160 per quarter is exempt from this rule.

Volunteers aren’t generally considered as employees for this purpose unless they work for a public entity. These employers usually have to take out workers’ compensation coverage to cover anyone working voluntarily for them. In these rare instances, workers’ compensation may apply to individuals such as an emergency medical technician or volunteer firefighters.

If you are the sole employee of a company, then Ohio law allows you to decide whether you want to take out workers’ compensation coverage.

Employers are required to take out workers’ compensation coverage in Ohio, no matter whether their employees are primarily full- or part-time. The latter type of worker is only eligible to receive benefits on a prorated scale that is relevant to how many hours they generally work.

Independent contractors (ICs) are not entitled to workers’ compensation. Some employers may try to misclassify their employees as ICs, in part, to avoid having to offer benefits such as workers’ compensation. Employers face penalties for doing so.

If you work in Columbus, then there’s a strong chance that your Ohio employer offers workers’ compensation coverage to cover medical bills and lost wages if you get hurt on the job.

Countless employers tell their workers that they aren’t required to have such coverage or that their employment status doesn’t make them eligible for such benefits. Some employers may even tell their workers that they qualify for less compensation than they deserve. Don’t be deceived! An attorney can help you secure the benefits that you deserve.