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How workers can use heavy machinery safely

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

Heavy machinery is often necessary on a job site, but it also increases the risk that workers face. It can be complicated, powerful and dangerous. One small mistake can have dire ramifications and may even prove fatal.

How can workers stay safe? There are a few things that companies need to focus on:

  • Inspecting all machines consistently to ensure that they work properly and that there are no defects.
  • Giving workers proper training in advance and ensuring that they can confidently, competently use heavy machinery before letting them do so on their own.
  • Creating a culture of safety so that workers know that it is important for them not to take risks.
  • Being willing to slow down if necessary; many accidents happen when workers are rushing, often because a boss pressures them to do so.
  • Remaining vigilant at all times. Workers should not get complacent around dangerous machines, even if they have been using them for years and they feel safe.
  • Prioritizing communication among all workers who are near a machine. Miscommunication can lead to mistakes when workers don’t realize that someone else may be in danger.
  • Understanding the unique dangers presented by different machines. For instance, vehicles pose a risk when simply moving from one part of the site to another, while machines with moving parts are especially dangerous for those with long hair or loose clothing.

Even with all of these safety tips in mind, accidents happen. Workers get injured, and those injuries can be life-altering. It is critical for them to know what legal options they have after such an event.