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Migraines could make it difficult to work

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Ohio residents and others who have migraines might be entitled to disability benefits. However, the specific facts in a given case will determine if an applicant will have his or her request for financial assistance approved. To obtain disability benefits, an individual would need to prove that he or she cannot generate a substantial and gainful income. There are many different types of evidence that a person could use to show that he or she is no longer able to meet that threshold.

For instance, it may be possible to submit a migraine journal that details when a migraine occurred and its specific impact on your life. It should also describe whether any medication was taken and if it helped to reduce or eliminate any symptoms associated with a migraine. Other tests such as an MRI or CT scan may further bolster an individual’s claim that he or she should be entitled to disability benefits.

The physician who is treating the applicant should provide a statement detailing the ways that migraines are impacting his or her life. This person should describe the treatment plan that a person is on and any treatment plans that have been implemented in the past. Having this information may make it easier for an examiner to determine if an application should be approved or denied.

Individuals who have an inability to work because of debilitating headaches might benefit from seeking disability benefits. Doing so may allow them to pay bills or cover other expenses while out of work, and in some cases, payments may be retroactive to the date an application is approved. An attorney may be able to assist those who need help submitting applications, appealing a denied application or getting ready for an appearance before an administrative law judge.