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How to inform employees about workplace emergencies

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

Companies in Ohio need to be ready to keep their workers safe in the event that an emergency situation occurs. One way to keep employees out of danger is to make use of mass notification systems. These systems make it possible to alert hundreds or thousands of people about a danger or potential danger that they may face. Messaging systems can also provide instructions about what they can do to stay safe.

It is important that companies use a variety of tools to disseminate information to their people. For instance, it may be a good idea to use a combination of text messages, emails and posts to the company’s social media account to warn workers about an incoming storm or toxic exposure event. It can also be a good idea to post warnings on electronic signs located throughout an office building or warehouse.

Of course, there could be situations in which it isn’t in a company’s interest to alert everyone about a dangerous situation. For instance, it may be best to simply alert security to the presence of an intruder or the presence of a shoplifter. Limiting the number of people who know about a potential hazard could prevent panic from setting in. It could also prevent workers or others from obtaining information that is meant to remain confidential.

Those who are injured in workplace accidents may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they are get hurt or get sick. Benefits may make it easier to pay medical bills related to a workplace injury or accident. Workers are encouraged to submit claims for benefits as quickly as possible, and employers are generally required to have claims processed in a timely manner. An attorney may help protect a worker’s rights throughout the claim process.