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How employees bring toxic exposure home with them

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Workers in Ohio and throughout America who are exposed to toxic substances may face an increased risk of getting sick. A report found that workers may be coming home with traces of toxic material on their bodies or clothes. This can cause health and development problems for children of all ages, and it could also be a hazard to others who have compromised immune systems. The report stressed that worker carelessness isn’t necessarily to blame for the problem.

In some cases, workers don’t feel as if they can talk about potential hazards caused by exposure to toxins. Undocumented immigrants may not raise the concerns that they have with their employers for fear that they could be deported or experience other negative consequences. Other workers who don’t benefit from employment protections may also refrain from speaking out in an effort to retain their jobs.

While OSHA does regulate exposure to materials such as asbestos and lead, companies don’t necessarily comply with them. If an employer fails to provide clean protective equipment, workers could be covered in toxins despite their best efforts to avoid them. The report found that the amount of material that comes home with a worker on a given day isn’t necessarily dangerous. However, being exposed to trace amounts of lead or other dangerous chemicals on a daily basis can be dangerous.

Those who get sick from toxic exposure at work might receive financial assistance to help pay medical bills related to their workplace illness. They may also be entitled to a portion of any wages lost while recovering from a health issue. Workers might be able to receive benefits on a permanent basis depending on the circumstances of their case. An attorney may assist those who need help navigating the workers’ compensation process.