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Establishing the existence of mental disorders for SSD benefits

It is not unknown that there are some mental conditions that can lead to a patient not being able to work. If you are a resident of Columbus, Ohio, who is ether suffering from a mental illness or you know someone with a mental illness, you should know that there are several mental conditions that are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. In order to claims those benefits, you must prove that you are suffering from a medically determinable mental disease or condition that exists and/or will continue to exist.

According to the Social Security Administration’s Red Book, Social Security disability benefits for mental illnesses are available for the entire listings of mental conditions that are on the SSA’s website. Primarily, they are divided into nine diagnostic categories. Each listing is accompanied by a description and the SSA’s disability determination is based on this. Impairments that are physical can be described by an applicant but psychiatric signs and symptoms are determined by medical tests. The tests are conducted to conclude whether the applicant suffers from abnormalities related to developmental patterns, behavioral patterns, mental orientation, or certain other specific psychological abnormalities.

The SSA conducts the tests to determine how disabling an applicant’s mental condition is by assessing functional limitations in the applicant’s day-to-day activities, social functioning, concentration, persistence and episodes of decompensation. In addition, the SSA conducts checks to see if an applicant interacts independently and maintains concentration on a task. It also checks if the symptoms of impairment are permanent or intermittent and whether and how they surface when an applicant is put under stress.

Finally, documentation pertaining to all medical tests and examinations is necessary while applying for SSD benefits. Any lapse on the applicant’s part will not only extend the claim process but also increase the chances of rejection. Therefore, it may be a wise decision on part of the applicant to seek professional guidance when filing a claim for SSD benefits so that they not denied what they rightfully deserve.