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Earning workers’ comp and returning to work could look like this

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

It can be uncharted territory for those who have suffering a work injury looking towards the future. Work injuries cannot only be a nuisance, they can step in the way of one’s ability to earn a living wage for themselves and their family. That’s what workers’ comp is for, employers are required to be insured in this way to cover instance of employee injury. However, before a worker agrees to workers’ comp, it’s good to think about what the future may hold with that decision path.

Depending on a worker’s situation, returning to work could resembled a few different scenarios. Sometimes, a worker is able to heal after a certain amount of time and return to the work they were originally performing. Some workers, however, return to work at a lesser capacity, and thus a lesser wage. In these situations, the worker may continue to receive wage loss benefits, although the benefits will most likely be for a lesser amount.

Since workers’ compensation is regulated by state law (not federal law) each state will have stipulations about how it affects employers and employees. That means there is no guarantee the worker will be reinstated to the same work and wage that they originally occupied, pre- workplace injury. However it does depend on state law and the employer’s decision. Suffering wage loss after returning to work could be covered by the state’s wage loss benefits per state law.

It’s the goal of workers’ compensation to help worker’s get back to work. Working injured is a sure way to prevent a full recovery. That’s because the injured worker doesn’t have a chance to rest and recover if they are worried about earning money. That’s where workers’ compensation comes in.