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Did the government shut down affect Social Security disability?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2019 | Social Security Disability

There has been much talk about the wait that many experience when seeking Social Security disability benefits. However, with a government shut down in recent week’s past, some may be wondering how or if this affect the Social Security disability claims process. However, those wanting to seek benefits shouldn’t be discouraged from applying. This is because the government shut-down didn’t affect this facet of government operations.

The Social Security Administration, or SSA, oversees so many crucial aspects that impact millions of lives, and thus, funding for their operations is scheduled out past immediate needs. At the time of the shutdown, the SSA was funded through September 2019. This means that operations were not shut down during the partial government shutdown. So no need to worry about applications piling up at the door, going unanswered.

You can apply for SSD benefits my mail, or over the internet. The SSA oversees those receiving benefits due to disability and because of retirement, among other benefits. Not only will benefits be doled out according to plan, the process by which an application moves through the SSA for disability benefits, will have no unnecessary delay.

Requirements to qualify for disability benefits remain the same too. Now is a great time to apply for SSD benefits, as the COLA was just increased and all who receive disability saw a raise in their benefits this year. Applying for benefits is the first step in the process. The process often requires an in-person interview pertaining to the disability and the need for benefits.