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Can technology make it safer to work on construction sites?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Construction Accidents

For the men and women who work at a construction site, each workday represents the possibility of an injury. Construction work is often hazardous, and workers frequently face an increased chance of experiencing an injury from an accident or other type of incident. It is critical for Ohio employers in this field to work diligently to protect the well-being of their employees as much as possible.

Construction safety is important, and there are many ways to improve safety and reduce the chance of an accident. In fact, the implementation of different types of technology may be the key to reducing injuries, improving safety for all construction workers and making it easier to recognize risks.

Implementing technology

Construction work is physical – it involves hands-on labor, technical knowledge and physical strength. However, technology can still play an important role in safety improvements. Some technological improvements can make it easier to report injuries, monitor workers and track operations. Examples of how technology can change the construction industry for the better include:

  • Wearable technology can make it easier and faster to report an incident, as well as collect information in real time.
  • There are now devices that can detect when a worker falls or is in an accident, as well as alert site managers with text messages about a problem.
  • New technologies can make it easier for workers to report when there are unsafe conditions, problems with equipment and other hazards.

The longer it takes a worker to report a work accident and initiate the workers’ compensation claims process, the more expensive the claim tends to be. Getting immediate help and using technology to determine exactly how and when an incident occurred can help both workers and employers.

Improved monitoring of site conditions and workers’ movements can significantly reduce the chance of an accident happening without someone knowing and seeking help as quickly as possible. This can also improve recovery rates for injured workers.

What does this mean for you?

As a construction worker, you understand the hazards that come with your job. However, you deserve a safe work environment and assistance in the event of an accident. If you experienced an injury or became ill as a result of your job, specific types of financial support through a workers’ compensation claim could be your right. This can ensure you get the medical care you need and recompense for some of your lost wages.