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Worker fatalities decreasing, but not workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

The most recent reporting of Ohio worker accidents and fatalities showed some improvement in 2017 with fewer fatal work accidents in the private sector in 2017. However, this is a small victory as any worker fatality is one too many. The deaths still trump workers deaths in 2015, worker fatalities have steadily increased otherwise in the private sector since 2012. These numbers are reported on by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

But, the BLS is able to dig deeper into these numbers to discover more patterns. For example, certain industries declined significantly in terms of fatalities, workplace injuries and others rose dramatically. For example, construction worker fatalities were actually up, which is in contradiction to overall workplace deaths, which were less. To break it down further, jobs like roofers’ had higher 2017 fatal-accident rate was 45.2 and the rate for structural iron and steel workers was 33.4.

While the BLS records and studies trends in workplace accidents and workplace fatalities, OSHA is responsible for taking action. Workplaces are required to uphold safety standards and other means of worker safety. This may include training, proper equipment or other precautions to protect workers’ wellbeing. OSHA often investigates workplace accidents in which workplace injuries and fatalities are reported.

While overall fatalities may have decreased across all industries, certain industries, specifically, construction workers saw a spike in workplace fatalities and accidents in 2017 compared to the year previous. For workers and their families, who experienced workplace injuries or the loss of a loved one, it can turn their world upside-down. There are a few courses of action one can take after suffering an injury at work.