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Qualifying for SSD/SSI benefits a top priority for sick, disabled

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Qualifying For SSD/SSI Benefits

If you were unable to make a living, how would you pay for your basic necessities? Everyday living expenses like rent, food and medical care are increasingly more expensive and thus, those who are unable to work find it increasingly difficult to bridge the gap. One program that can help those who are disabled or ill is if qualify for SSD/SSI benefits. To qualify, one must first apply.

However, not just any smattering of facts on an SSD benefits application will do. There are many requirements of the application process, sometimes it includes more than just an interview, including an in-person assessment. Having access to medical records, like dates, diagnosis and other facts, can help for a person to prove their own or a loved one’s case about long-term disability. Keep in mind, a long-term disability is determined as one that disallows a person from working for a year or longer.

For the short term, workers’ comp can be a better option. At Philip J. Fulton Law Office, we take a disability or illness really seriously and understand the impact it can have on the person and their family. The relief of disability benefits can take a huge weight off of a family’s shoulders. That’s the goal of this program after a family experiences a life-changing situation in which a key family member is rendered unable to work.

Qualifying for SSD/SSI benefits is possible and is something a family should look into should they are experiencing a loved one’s inability to work. We have seen so many family’s struggle under the weight of this drastic change in their lives. The person’s well-being is first and foremost but bills still need to be paid. Find a way to manage it.