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Overview of construction accidents and injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

Thousands work in the construction sector but not all know the risks or characteristics of the injury that they work in. Often, only after workplace injuries occur, does a worker and their family find out just how dangerous construction accidents and injuries can be. Statistically, construction workers face higher instances of nonfatal injury at work than does the average worker. This means that significant injuries can result and further consequences for the worker.

Because there are so many injuries that can and do befall construction workers, workers compensation claims are fairly common and frequent. For example, in the years between 2005-2007, OSHA totaled the average workers’ compensation claims costs for a fall related injury was about $50,383. In comparison, there trades who were injured construction industry, such as roofers and carpenters, the average workers compensation claim was high for carpenters, the average cost was $97,169 and for roofers the average cost was $106,648.

To have a better understanding of fatalities in the construction injury, the year 2012 gives a snapshot of the characterization of construction accident fatalities. According to statistics from OSHA, of the 4,175 worker fatalities in 2012, 806 deaths or 19.3 percent of all the deaths were in construction. More than 50% of these deaths were caused by four factors of which falls were 279 of 806 total deaths in construction, another 79 deaths involved being struck by an object, 66 deaths involved electrocutions and 13 poor workers were caught in between.

If you are one of the workers that have been injured or you had a loved one that was killed at work, these statistics do not explain how it feels to be in this situation. However, it shows that there are ways to move forward. Workers’ compensation claims or personal injury suits may be appropriate. Figure out how to move forward after work injury or death.