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Common risks faced by manufacturing employees

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

Some Ohio workers face a higher risk of on-the-job injury because they work in inherently risky jobs. Working in a high-risk occupation, however, does not mean that you do not have the right to a reasonably safe workplace and the training necessary to stay as safe as possible. This is also true for those who work in the manufacturing industry.

Those who work in manufacturing facilities typically have to perform duties around large machinery and equipment that can be dangerous. As someone who works in a high-risk occupation, it may be helpful for you to learn about the most common hazards found in these types of workplaces and how you can keep yourself safe. You may also need to know what to do in case of a workplace accident.

What factors are threatening your safety?

Each manufacturing facility is different, and the specific risks you are facing depend on the type of products made there and other factors unique to your specific job duties. Some of the most common types of risks faced by this type of employee include:

  • Problems with machines, which can range from improperly installed machines to unsafe use of them, are one of the most common risks found in manufacturing facilities.
  • Falls from heights are some of the most common reasons for work-related injuries. Employers must have certain fall-prevention measures in place.
  • Electrical problems, such as exposed wiring or malfunctioning equipment, can lead to electrocution and other risks.

These are just a few of the issues that may be threatening your safety at work. If you are employed in a manufacturing facility, you have the right to safety equipment and appropriate training as well as benefits through a workers’ compensation claim in the event you suffer injuries in the workplace.

Getting the benefits you deserve

One of the most important ways you can protect your rights is to know how to proceed with a workers’ compensation claim after an accident. You are entitled to financial support and other types of rehabilitation, and you will find it helpful to know how to proceed with a claim and fight for the full and fair recovery you deserve.

If you are moving forward with a workers’ compensation claim or have concerns about your rights, it may be helpful to first seek a complete evaluation of your case and explanation of the legal options available to you. You do not have to walk through the workers’ compensation claims process alone.