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Mental medical conditions can qualify a person for SSD benefits

Mental health is equally as important as physical health. That’s why if a mental health condition prevents a person from working they could be a candidate to receive Social Security Disability benefits.

Mental illness can mean mental conditions or emotional illness. Just a few common ailments that those who receive Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions include depression, schizophrenia and anxiety attacks. These are diagnosable medical conditions and have real implications for those who suffer from them, and other mental conditions. It can make it very difficult or impossible to work when suffering from these conditions and under the weight of the symptoms.

Sometimes, medical conditions are treatable to the point that a person is able to return to work. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. These conditions can afflict people constantly and can interrupt a person’s ability to sleep and perform other necessary functions. Proving such claims of mental illness requires a high level of skill and expertise. An applicant for SSD benefits must be able to ensure that mental health issues are properly diagnosed, that all necessary medical documents have been gathered and that a compelling argument has been made that fully explains how the impairment impacts that ability to work.

Mental conditions can come on rapidly and seemingly out of nowhere. It’s also possible that a person has suffered from mental illness most their life and the symptoms have flared up in recent years. Whatever the scenario, people who suffer from mental health conditions may be able to seek SSD benefits if they are unable to work. It could help to supplement the income they are no longer able to make themselves.