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Hidden dangers and the things that could compromise your safety

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

You may believe because you work in an office or in a job that does not require any type of physical labor that you are not likely to suffer a workplace accident. However, there are certain types of safety threats that could be hiding in your workplace, no matter where you work. It is smart to know how to protect your safety and what you can do to in case of a work accident.

Often, Ohio workers feel unsure of what to do when they experience injuries in a workplace accident. They may not understand their right to certain types of benefits, especially if they think they are partially to blame for the accident. You may find it helpful to learn about common workplace hazards and your rights after suffering from a work injury.

Are there threats lurking?

There are certain types of hazards that could be compromising your health and safety in the workplace. Individuals in all types of jobs and in all types of workplaces will find it beneficial to be aware the following types of issues that could bring them harm:

  • Exposure to certain chemicals can lead to various types of sicknesses. These chemicals can come from cleaning supplies, materials and more.
  • Certain environmental factors can cause serious injury to workers. This includes things such as exposure to severe heat, noise or cold temperatures.
  • Ergonomic factors can lead to issues such as musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive strain injuries and more.

If you believe that your illness or your injuries may be the result of your work environment or the conditions of your job, you could have grounds for a workers’ compensation claim. These benefits may allow you to cover your medical bills, lost wages from missed work and other needs you have as a result of your accident or sickness.

Where do I start? 

It can be helpful to start with a complete evaluation of your case in order to understand how to move forward with a claim. The workers’ compensation claims process can be confusing and overwhelming, but you do not have to walk through the process alone.

Like many applicants who are sick or injured as a result of their job, you may find it helpful to seek the help of an attorney. Your legal ally can guide you through the entire process, from completing paperwork to dealing with setbacks, such as denied or delayed claims.