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Denied SSD claim? We can help

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Qualifying For SSD/SSI Benefits

After years of time spent in the workforce, it’s a wonder that more people’s bodies don’t give out before they are ready. Granted, some people do make it to retirement largely unscathed, but those who aren’t so lucky, what are their options? Mental or physical disability could come unexpectedly, rendering a person unable to work.

At the Philip J Fulton Law Office, we have helped countless people with their claims in search of SSD or SSI benefits. Whether in the beginning stages or if you have spent weeks or years in an open claim process, we can help at any stage. It can be quicker and thus better for the person seeking a claim, if the paperwork is filled out correctly the first time. This reduces the possibility of a denied claim.

Denied claims are not usually on a person’s to-do list as it delays the possibility that one’s claim will be approved and thus benefits fulfilled. However, if your claim of SSD benefits or SSI benefits has been denied, do not lose hope. You can appeal the decision in hopes of achieving the benefits you or a loved one need.

There are many steps in the process before one can be approved for SSD benefits or SSI benefits. A person cannot generally receive both, so seek the benefits that best match your situation. Different people will receive different benefit amounts for different reasons. You are well within your rights to seek these benefits if hoping to qualify for SSD/SSI benefits.