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Why are construction accidents so common and who is responsible?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

As a construction worker, you put your body and well-being on the line every day you show up to work. This is because your body is your tool and main source of income and success in your profession. Unlike the typical desk job, construction workers have a very different perspective when it comes to their typical job duties and how it can impact their health. This is because construction worker accident injuries are much more common in comparison to the standard office job.

Based on the inherent nature of construction jobs, they are just more dangerous for workers. This is because there are a variety of dangers on the job, such as heavy equipment, work that is done from heights that, if used or executed improperly, can easily result in injury. In addition, there are often several managers or companies on a job-site that can lead to multiple initiatives and several concurrent projects that can cause a safety hazard. Construction accident injuries can be complicated, in that, there can be several parties responsible for the injury if there are a number of contractors and sub-contractors involved on the project.

When it comes to determining what issues may have importance after you or a loved one has suffered workplace accident injury, there could be several to consider. Issues could include a company’s or subcontractor’s compliance with occupational and site safety standards and regulations, engineering issues and if there are liability and indemnity issues in question. It’s possible that just one or even all three issues pertain to a construction worker’s accident injury. It’s possible that more than one contractor is liable as well.

Sometimes it’s not just a matter of workers’ compensation. Sometimes there are other factors at play that should be considered after suffering workplace accident injury. Determining if your workplace accident injury qualifies as something more than workers’ comp can take a bit of investigation. Other times, the evidence is glaringly obvious.