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Depression may qualify an applicant for disability benefits

Depression is a serious mental illness that can deprive a person of their ability to enjoy life, maintain their health and hold down a job. Ohio residents who struggle with depression understand the severe impact that it can have on one’s own life and that of their family. In some situations, depression may be so serious that it qualifies its victims for disability benefits.

Per guidance provided by the Social Security Administration’s list of qualifying ailments, depression may serve as the basis of a disability benefits application if it satisfies certain criteria. For example, the applicant must show that they suffer from multiple symptoms of a depressive disorder, such as but not limited to suicidal thoughts, sleep and appetite problems, loss of interest in regular activities, and loss of energy.

Additionally, the applicant must be able to either demonstrate how their symptoms prevent them from work or must be able to show with medical documentation that their depression is serious and persistent. Applicants who use depression as the disability on which their applications for benefits are based generally must have at least two years of medical history to show that their condition is serious and persistent.

The information provided in this post is general and should not be read as legal or medical advice. An individual who suffers from depression should understand that their mental condition may qualify them for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. Those who wish to pursue this path may elect to work with the help of a disability benefits attorney who may guide them through the detailed process of seeking help.