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Scaffolding falls are a danger to construction workers

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | Workplace Accidents

A construction accident can seriously harm workers and their families. Some of the most common types of construction accidents involve scaffolding falls or other types of falls from lifts, hoists or ladders. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an estimated 65 percent of construction workers work frequently on scaffolds, making scaffolding falls and accidents a serious concern. Objects falling from scaffolds, lifts and ladders can also be a serious concern.

Scaffolding falls and other fall-related accidents can result in the most severe injuries. Scaffolding equipment may be defective, improperly installed or may be otherwise unsafe. There are design, construction and inspection requirements from OSHA related to scaffolding. The design and construction of scaffolds are required to conform with OSHA requirements related to the type of equipment, construction methods and rate capacities.

Related to inspection requirements, to keep workers safe employers should require that all scaffolds and scaffolding components are inspected for defects or other problems by a competent person prior to the beginning of each work shift. Dangerous workplace conditions can lead to serious workplace accidents. All workers, including construction workers, should be able to rely on a safe workplace each day.

When a worker has been injured on the job, important workers’ compensation protections are available to help them through the challenges that follow. It is essential to injured workers to be familiar with the workers’ compensation benefits available to assist with medical expenses and lost earnings to help get them back on their feet following a construction accident.