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Safety issues that can lead to injuries for office workers

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

Offices may not seem like hazardous places, but there are very real issues that could cause very real injuries to the men and women who work there.

Employers are responsible for minimizing these risks as much as possible and taking steps to train all employees in safety measures. Any office worker who suffers on-the-job injuries has the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits.

What hazards are placing you at risk?

There are various hazards that could be placing you at a higher risk of suffering an injury in your office workplace. It is beneficial to understand these hazards and take appropriate steps to ensure you know how to protect your rights in the event of a workplace accident. Some of the most common office safety hazards include the following:

  • Slip and fall hazards: Slip-and-fall accidents, trips and other kinds of falls are some of the most common reasons for workplace accidents. Reasons include uneven floors, dim lighting, unmarked wet floors and more.
  • Fire hazards: Fires are a significant safety risk, and workers should know how to exit the building in case of a fire. Drills, alarms and smoke detectors are ways to increase fire awareness and safety.
  • Air quality issues: When there are problems with air quality, it can lead to issues such as asthma, infections, sickness and more. Poor air quality is a direct threat to worker well-being.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Typing, lifting boxes, even sitting down for extended periods can lead to chronic injuries. If your injury is caused by your work, you can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Many other issues could lead to injury in the workplace, but regardless of why your accident happened, you have rights. This includes the right to financial support through a workers’ compensation insurance claim.

What should you do next? 

After an accident in the workplace, it is beneficial to take immediate action to protect yourself and secure the compensation you deserve. Through a workers’ compensation claim, you may be able to recover a portion of your lost wages and secure medical care.

You deserve a full and fair recovery, and it can be helpful to start this process by seeking a complete evaluation of your case before you initiate the claims process.