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My work accident left me disabled. What are my options?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Suffering injuries from a work accident can be both physically and financial painful. A work accident can impact your life in many ways, but it can be especially difficult when your life will never be the same. Disabling injuries from a workplace accident could make you eligible for certain types of workers’ compensation benefits.

Individuals who suffer disabling injuries from a workplace accident in Ohio have the right to certain benefits, including either temporary or permanent disability benefits. If you think you might have grounds to move forward with a claim, it could be helpful for you to seek an explanation of your rights and how to proceed with the necessary paperwork.

Types of benefits for disabled workers

When your injury has a significant impact on your ability to work and provide for your family, it can be both frustrating and overwhelming. Ohio workers who need financial support because they are no longer able to work either temporarily or permanently may be able to apply for the following benefits:

  • Temporary total disability: These benefits could be available to workers who are dealing with a total disability that will get better after a period of time.
  • Percentage of permanent partial award: Workers could be eligible for these benefits due to the residual and permanent impact of a work-related injury, even if they are able to return to work.
  • Scheduled loss: A person could be eligible for these benefits if he or she experiences the permanent loss of some abilities, including vision and hearing.
  • Permanent total disability: These benefits compensate an injured worker for his or her diminished earning capacity after a completely disabling work injury.

The workers’ compensation claims process is complex, yet you do not have to walk through it alone. You could find it helpful to have a complete evaluation of your case as you work to secure the benefits you need.

Understanding your rights

Suffering disabling injuries in a work accident is disheartening. It is a threat to your ability to work, support your family and enjoy a certain quality of life. You have the right to recover, which may include benefits to compensate you for your permanent losses.

As soon as possible after a work accident, it is helpful to seek a full understanding of your rights. You have the right to fight for your best interests, which includes your immediate needs and your long-term requirements.