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Fighting back after a denied workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Did you suffer an injury while at work or become ill due to toxic exposure on the job? You may know that injured Ohio workers have the right to seek benefits through an employers’ workers’ compensation insurance, but you may not know what to do if your claim comes back denied.

Unfortunately, many initial workers’ compensation claims do not receive approval. If it happens to you, you may feel frustrated, but you still have certain options, and you may even be able to continue to fight for the financial support to which you have a rightful claim. A beneficial first step after a denied claim is to seek the help of an attorney experienced in the complexities of the workers’ comp insurance system.

Why was the answer “no”?

denied workers’ compensation claim is not only frustrating, it has a direct impact on your financial health. While you may feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of your current situation, you have the right and the option to appeal and continue to pursue the benefits to which you have a rightful claim. The first step in this process is to determine why your claim came back denied. Some of the possible reasons include:

  • The claimant did not file the claim in enough time.
  • The worker did not report in the injury promptly.
  • The employer disputed the claim.
  • No medical treatment was necessary.
  • The injury was not compensable.
  • There is not enough evidence to prove that the injury is work related.

It is possible that an error, misunderstanding or insufficient evidence led to the denial of your claim. Once you know why it happened, you can begin to take the next steps toward an appeal. As an injured worker, you still have rights, and while this is a step back, it is not the end of the road for you.

Fighting for the benefits you need and deserve

The workers’ compensation insurance system is complex, and it can be difficult to navigate without a knowledgeable legal ally as your guide. By securing the help of an experienced lawyer, you can have assistance with every step of the claims process, from completing the initial application to fighting for your benefits through an appeal.

Suffering an injury at work only to have your benefits claim come back denied is overwhelming, but it is not something you have to walk through alone. You can learn more about why your claim was denied and how you can still seek benefits by seeking a case evaluation with a workers’ comp attorney.