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Can I claim disability benefits if I have arthritis?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Social Security Disability

You may know that individuals who have medical conditions that prevent them from working may have a rightful claim to disability benefits. However, you may not know that this also applies for individuals who suffer from severe cases of certain chronic conditions.

If you have arthritis, you may not be able to work due to the severity of your condition and your physical limitations. While this condition is unseen, its effects are very real, and you may be genuinely unable to hold gainful employment. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be able to qualify for disability benefits through Social Security.

What do you know about arthritis? 

Arthritis is a largely misunderstood condition, and it is much more prevalent than you may think. In fact, the following are some facts about this condition that you may not know:

  • Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the country.
  • Approximately 50 million people have a doctor-diagnosed case of arthritis.
  • Two-thirds of adults with arthritis are between the ages of 18-64 years.
  • One-third of the working age adults with arthritis have limitations that affect their ability to work and participate in daily activities.
  • Arthritis is one of the most expensive medical conditions to maintain, treat and manage.
  • Individuals who have other health conditions are more likely to develop arthritis.
  • On a yearly basis, adults with arthritis suffer financial loss due to missing work because of their medical condition.

People with arthritis also often deal with issues such as anxiety and depression. Just because you cannot physically see the condition that is causing you harm does not mean that you have a lesser claim to Social Security disability benefits. If you cannot work due to arthritis, you may qualify.

Is it really a disability?

Despite what you may think, arthritis is a genuine disability that impacts millions of people. While every case is different, you may have severe limitations that keep you from working full time or working at all, thereby impacting your ability to support your family.

While you may feel helpless, you have the right to pursue disability benefits. The application process can be arduous and frustrating, but many Ohio applicants find that they benefit from seeking assistance from the very beginning. Even if your initial claim came back denied, that is not the end of the road for you. You may appeal and continue to fight for the support you need and deserve.