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The basics of workers’ compensation benefits in Ohio

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits are important benefits for injured workers and their families, however, injured workers may not always understand what benefits are available to help them after they have been injured in a workplace accident. Injured workers may be left needing help with medical bills and lost earnings. It is also an important concern for workers that they receive the best medical care possible and that their medical bills are paid for.

In addition to medical benefits, injured workers may be able to receive wage benefits through workers’ compensation. Wage benefits are generally available to injured workers. Wage benefits are based on the average weekly wage earned by the injured worker which is why how the average weekly wage is calculated becomes so important to injured workers and their families.

There are several different types of wage benefits injured workers may receive in Ohio depending on the nature of their injuries and the harm they have suffered. Total disability benefits may be available to injured workers which includes benefits for temporary total disability and permanent total disability. In addition, permanent partial disability benefits may be available. Also, lump sum benefits may be available in some circumstances when past or future benefits are waived. Further, wage loss benefits such as vocational rehabilitation and other benefits may also be available.

Because injured workers and their families may have a number of important concerns following a workplace accident, including concerns workers may have about the doctor they will see and the medical treatment they will receive, it is important for Ohio workers to be familiar with the workers’ compensation benefits available. In addition, workers and their families should be as familiar as possible with the workers’ compensation process.