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Two construction workers injured in scaffolding fall

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2017 | Workplace Accidents

Accidents can happen at any workplace, but some workplaces are inherently more risky than others. These workplaces must make certain that their employees are as safe as possible, and protected by insurance if an accident does happen. y.

In Ohio recently, two workers at a construction site at a school were injured in a scaffolding fall. The men were stationed on two boards attached to a support arm. The investigation says that the arm sheared off and fell. This, in turn, led to the boards falling. One man’s leg was trapped on a reinforcing bar. The men were taken to the hospital for treatment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration went to the scene to investigate.

A work accident can occur at any kind of job, but construction work is particularly dangerous. On an annual basis these jobs have some of the highest number of accidents in the U.S. Although these jobs will have certain rules and regulations to ensure that their workers are as safe as possible, that does not avoid all accidents. In some instances, construction companies fail to adhere to certain safety requirements or even encourage workers to ignore rules. Falling from great heights, being injured by machinery, having an accident with tools, being in the wrong place at the wrong time with a large construction vehicle; all are common causes of injury and death. Workers who are hurt will often need an extended stay in the hospital and will be unable to work. There could be long-term and even permanent problems.

There are certain procedures that must be followed to receive everything the workers are supposed to get through workers’ compensation and insurance. In some instances, the company or the insurer will dispute the claim. Seeking compensation after an accident on the job is often the only way for a worker and his or her family to make ends meet and pay for care after the incident. Considering speaking to an attorney can help with pursuing compensation through a legal claim.

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