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Is everyone denied the first time they apply for SSD Benefits?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2016 | Qualifying For SSD/SSI Benefits

While the Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn’t reject everyone, the truth is that the vast majority of people are denied the first time they apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Indeed, as reported in the SSA’s 2015 Annual Statistical Supplement the most recent year available – only 32.2 percent of applicants were approved in 2014, meaning nearly 70 percent were denied disability benefits.

However, you shouldn’t simply give up simply because the road ahead may be hard. After all, if you are unable to work due to a severe disability, disability benefits may be your best option for making ends meet.

What should I do?

If your SSD claim has already been denied, it is crucial to act fast. In fact, while you may still have options available, if you wait too long, you may miss important deadlines – meaning, if you are late, you may lose your opportunity to fight the denial.

This is why you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A skilled and knowledgeable attorney can explain your options, including possible requests for reconsideration and appeal hearings. In any case, you cannot simply sit back and hope for the best. You need to act – and act fast.

You should also make sure to keep copies of all medical records and continue seeing your doctor as scheduled. These actions may prove essential when proving your case or filing any type of appeal. However, above all, you should always seek the counsel of a disability benefits lawyer.