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Your right to Social Security disability payments

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2016 | Social Security Disability

Social Security disability benefits are there to help those who are disabled and can’t earn an income due to that disability. If you’re hurt at work, for example, you could potentially claim temporary or permanent disability. These types of benefits are open to people who have worked for a long enough period of time and who have paid taxes to the Social Security Administration.

When applying for these kinds of income, you may need to provide medical information to the program. You’ll need to file forms and other information that must be accurate to be accepted. The process can be tedious, and mistakes can result in your claim being denied.

Don’t let yourself be pushed around; you can be your own advocate and work with your attorney to be heard. Your case is important; you’ve put time into your work and earned your right to Social Security disability in your time of need.

Disabilities are defined under strict designations to prevent those who aren’t disabled from claiming benefits. Still, some people who are may still find their claims denied if they aren’t sent to the administration correctly. Because disability payments only go to those who can prove their disabilities and who have disabilities severe enough to prevent them from working, these people are also the group who need it most.

Our website has information on applying for Social Security benefits, so you can focus on your health and living as normal a life as possible. With the right application, follow through and assistance from your legal team, you can make sure your case is heard and that you’re respected.