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What are the risks involved in construction?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Construction Accidents

The construction industry will likely never be without its faults and hazards, but it can be made safer with the proper safety equipment and training. When you’re working on site, anyone who isn’t trained becomes a liability. For example, if a new or untrained worker tries to move equipment or set up scaffolding, any errors could lead to serious injuries to other employees.

As of 2014, around 6 million people work in the construction industry. There are significant safety hazards on work sites; 806 deaths in 2012 out of a total 4,175 worker deaths were in the construction industry. That means a shocking 19.3 percent were in construction alone.

So what causes so many deaths and injuries in construction and how can the risks be eliminated? Falling is the most serious risk. Things like scaffolding, working on roofing, or being in a lift can put workers high off the ground and at risk of a fall that may not be survivable. Being hit by a falling object is another concern. Electrocutions and being pinched between items can also cause fatalities and injuries.

To prevent these issues, workplaces need to have safety training sessions regularly. All workers need to be trained for their jobs to the fullest extent possible. If items are going to be above workers’ heads, the items should be tethered and workers should wear hard hats. Electrical workers need to wear protective gloves and shoes, and electrical supplies should be cut off when possible to avoid electrocution.

These are just a few ways workers can be kept safe, but they’re often required by law. If you’ve been hurt at work due to an unsafe environment, your attorney may be able to help you understand your rights and the steps you can take to get compensated through workers’ compensation.

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