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Electronic glitch delayed payments to some SSI beneficiaries

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Social Security Disability

With over eight million people in the U.S., including many in Ohio, receiving social security disability benefits, the complexity of coordinating payments can be understandably high. Now, with the holidays approaching, it appears that some individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income have had to wait a little longer for their benefits to come.

According to the Social Security Administration, a problem with the computer coding in a payment file has delayed payments to nearly 18,000 recipients. The delay was said to be minimal, as payments normally received on the first of the month were received a few days later by those who have the funds direct-deposited into bank accounts, while those who receive paper checks had to wait a week or so. The agency said that most recipients were in the west and southeast of the country, but it is unclear if any of the affected beneficiaries were in Ohio.

Though a delay of a few days may seem like a minimal inconvenience, for many who receive SSI, that money is imperative to helping make ends meet. With many people having rent and other bills come due around the first of each month, even such a small delay can create problems. With people potentially hoping to save a little for their holiday celebrations, the wait may have created more than a little stress. People who have a disability that renders them unable to earn a living tend to have a tough time to begin with. Any added stress, such as the delay of badly-needed benefits, can make things even worse. Because getting SSI or other social security disability benefits to begin with may be complicated, those who need to take advantage of them may want to consider contacting an experienced Ohio disability attorney.

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