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Certifications make construction sites safer for rigging, signals

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2015 | Construction Accidents

When you work in a busy construction area, you know that everyone on your team needs to be trained correctly. To prevent injuries and workers’ compensation claims, training is essential. Crane rigging and signal-person duties are constantly in use for many businesses, and the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation does offer training and information about working with this kind of machinery. The training is required to make sure that anyone you work with who uses these machines will be safe when doing so.

At the course, individuals who work in the construction industry learn about crane standards. This includes information on riggers and signal persons and how they should be qualified to work with this heavy machinery. The course provides information on training requirements required by law, and it also gives an overview of how equipment works, how to avoid injuries by using best practices and how to set up rigs to the highest standard.

Following a safety and training course like this, companies can be sure that the individuals using these machines are trained in both the knowledge to identify issues and prevent accidents. The course provides solutions for common rigging problems, information on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s crane standards and identifies common rigging issues, so accidents can be prevented on construction sites. Hand signals for signal persons can also be learned at these kinds of courses.

This course is one that anyone working with machinery in Ohio should take; the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation offers .6 CEUs for the program, which allows individuals to become certified in their training. With certified workers, everyone is just a little safer.

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